Success Stories

I would have paid over $5ooo for The THRIVE Workshop! It was the best money that I have ever invested in myself and my business! I just opened my new studio and I am living my dream -Terry Lee Cafferty, Rhode Island

Huge thank you to Mara and Karen! I just had my largest sales ever at $7000 and it is just a few months after THRIVE!  -Amanda Pagham, New York

A huge thanks to Karen who helped me navigate through two projects that came across my desk – the first one bringing in an extra $4000 and this one bringing in $7400! -Jenny Pearson, Canada

I just realized that I way surpassed my goal to triple my sales for the year. It was only back in September at THRIVE that I came up with this goal.  Even though it seemed outrageous I am so grateful for Karen Carey who said “You can definitely do and you can do it this year.” I thought she was nuts for believing in me so much, but I am so grateful that she did!   -Allison Crozier, New Jersey

I had a portrait ordering appointment tonight and Karen’s voice was playing in my mind the entire time. My sale was over $2k!  Yeah!! -Jenny Widmaier, Florida

Two sales meetings later, this day ended up being a $6500 day. Woo Hoo! THRIVE is working!! Thank you! Thank You!  -Dawn Freeland, North Carolina

Thank you Karen & Mara, I had my biggest sale last week and while it was not the $5K sale I wanted, it was more than 1/3 the amount that I made in all of 2011 (goes to show how little I profited before THRIVE).  -Ann Remotique, Florida

From a commercial session I have two $1,200 orders! Previous to THRIVE I would have charged only 200 bucks and given them the digital files to print on their own (at Costco!).  -Kelly Touey, Canada


I thought I would drop you an email to let you know how big of a blessing you were to our lives and how, in being a blessing, your workshop was priceless. We have already booked 3 portrait sessions and two weddings since being back by following just a few of your principles. That is like two months worth of work for us that we booked in about two weeks after THRIVE! -Tim & Kristen Douglass, Fidelis Studio