Mara Blom Schantz

Mara Blom Schantz has been in the world of photography since she was two years old, when her father John Blom entered Brooks Institute of Photography.  Along with using Mara as a model, her father also taught her how to use her first camera.  Soon Mara began working for at John Blom Custom Photography and at age 13, she photographed her first wedding with her Dad, progressing to his regular wedding assistant.

Along with an extensive, hands on education in photography, Mara learned the art of sales, customer service and how a high end studio should run.  She took this experience and combined it with her own photographic style when she started her own photography studio in 1999, after four years practicing law.

Artistic Impressions by Mara is an award winning high end boutique photography studio in Phoenix, Arizona.  Mara believes that a personal connection, client education, a great finished product and amazing customer service are what keep her clients coming back to her year after year.  She lives in Phoenix with her husband and two sons, and believes that excellence should be the only standard for the professional photography industry.

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