Karen & Mara

Meet two of the photography industry’s top professionals, fine artists and six figure producers Karen Carey and Mara Blom Schantz.

From opposite ends of the country, (east coast) Karen and (west coast) Mara could not be any more different. Other than their common love of traditional black and white film, they are total opposites in every way. One drives a Land Rover and votes Republican while the other drives a Prius and sways a bit more to the left.  But despite the fact that one enjoys a good burger and the other opts to go vegan, they have a one common purpose and passion.

They are on a mission to raise the level of excellence in the industry by teaching photographers how to create and sell high quality artwork; artwork that generates income and attracts clients who value craftsmanship.

Karen & Mara are both experienced speakers and teachers but they are not full time “rock star” circuit presenters. They are full time studio owners who walk the talk everyday and garner respect from colleagues because of their unique styles and authentic personalities.

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