Be Excellent…

in your photography, your service, your products, your presentation, your marketing, and all that you do.  If you are constantly striving for excellence, it will show in the clients you attract, the sales you make, the referrals you garner, and your profitability.  Since you are an adult, you should know what excellence means.

If your photography is excellent already, good for you.  If not, study and learn to make it so.  Photoshop proficiency does not equal excellent photography skills.  Understand lighting, posing and composition.  Know what an f-stop is and how it relates to shutter speed and ISO.  Study the master photographers and other artists.

Good service means answering the telephone (having a telephone), following through, using your expertise to help your clients decide what to order and being there with them while they make decisions.  It means that you are on time for your sessions and appointments, very prepared, know everyone’s names, and are confident enough to take charge of the session.

Excellent products are archival, distinguishable, and something that will stand the test of time – not something trendy they can print themselves at Costco.

Great presentation means that your entire image reflects the level of service, products and photography they can expect.  It means that every interaction you have with your clients is professional – from the way that you dress for your sessions and client meetings, to the way that speak about your work and your products to the cleanliness of your meeting place, car, etc.

Effective marketing ties everything together so that the client will know exactly what to expect when they call you and visit your website and meet with you and are photographed by you and receive delivery of their order.

Strive for excellence and seek out those who are excellent in order learn what it looks like.

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