Online Galleries Suck!


Online galleries suck the life out of your sale. They suck the energy our of your clients. And they suck the impact our of your images.

Clients hire you because you are an expert.  The opinion of an expert is extremely valuable and clients are paying for your expert opinion. The ordering appointment is designed as your opportunity to give your expert opinion and guide your client toward purchasing that which is in her best interest. When you neglect this step and put your images in an online gallery you are doing your client a disservice.  Here are some considerations to keep in mind when you are deciding to switch to in person sales rather than online galleries.

#1. You may think that online galleries are “convenient” for your clients, but the truth of the matter is that when you put your images online and turn them over to the client to view and order, you are dumping YOUR job onto the untrained client to complete.

#2. The environment which the client views the images is uncontrolled, meaning that there are distractions, kids crying, televisions blaring, etc., and the emotion they feel when they view the images for the first time they will remember in each subsequent viewing.

#3. The emotion of seeing the images for the first time with you is forever lost and now it is just a job for them to complete rather than an exciting moment for them to experience.  A job/task is just one more thing on their “to do” list and will become a burden.

#4.  Viewing images on an unknown and uncalibrated computer monitor where the largest size is maybe an 8×10 does not allow for great viewing of images and for the best choices.  Again, it can become very overwhelming to the client.

#5.  Sitting with your client and watching them react to their favorite images, helping them to choose based upon those reactions and your expertise, and making recommendations to them will increase your sales, guaranteed.



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