Two high end photographers who kick ass at sales and marketing will help you do it!

Karen Carey


Mara Blom Schantz


What Photographers Are Saying

Karen cuts through the crap and makes you get in touch with your real self and Mara is probably one of the most amazing, real, inspiring people I have ever met. Ever.

– Kelly Touey Photography

Thank you Karen and Mara (again and again and again….) for guiding us and being the kind of mentors and pros this industry is so desperately is lacking.

– Heather Thorne Photography

I have been to so many workshops and not one of them was even in the same league as THRIVE.  Karen and Mara are the best kept secrets in the industry.

– Allyson Crozier Photography

Before the workshop we had been working ourselves bare and spiraling into a pit of debt. We were beginning to hate photography because nobody appreciated what we did and only wanted the damn DVD.

– Tim and Kristen Douglass, Fidelis Studio